bolognese balls

second in The Meatball Shop offering, the bolognese balls (recipe there).  I was a little hesitant as one of the ingredients is diced mortadella – you know that crazy bologna with huge creamy white hunks of fat.  I had planned on Z making them so I didn’t have to be too involved.  But last night when I got home and Z was mowing the yard so the job fell to me to make supper.  I diced carrots, onion, celery and mortadella to combine with beef and binders like fine bread crumbs and eggs.  The bolognese flavor pushed a little further with the addition of diced tomato and cream.    Cooked to 165 they caramelized around the edges to a toasty brown and served on pasta.  We plan on sliders with bakery made Parker house rolls for lunch tomorrow.  Not my fave but tasty.  Sometimes I can’t get out of my head.

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