while trying to make us jealous for making it to Red Robin before us, a friend got out to snap a photo on foursquare of the coming soon Winter Garden Village location.  While he was doing that, the manager came out and said friend played up his excitement about the soon to be open restaurant garnering an invitation to the soft opening which he graciously invited us to join them-true story.  Well, tonight was the night.  Se we dashed across town  to do a little shopping en route (World Market) and arrived about 6:40.  We were ushered right in with a bit of lecturing about what we could have free, bottomless beverages, burgers and one entree per table and one milkshake per table.  Servers and other staff were really attentive and friendly and didn’t seem flustered or stressed out, which is a good sign.  We ordered bottomless freckled lemonades (lemonade with strawberries and syrup) and I ordered my usual, blue ribbon burger, no pink, no lettuce, no tomato, swap the onion bun for sesame and sat back to wait!  Things came out quickly and accurately.  My burger was still a bit pink (ideal) in the center and not to goopy.  Three burgers, one order of fish and chips, three freckled lemonades, one diet coke, and a cookie magic milkshake for free.  Nice work if you can get it. 


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