a week or two ago we had a semi-spontaneous (I say spontaneous because who does this?) Pinterest Potluck in our department at work.  Each of us bringing in items we had pinned for a potluck that turned out to be fairly well rounded and included but was not limited to, two kinds of black bean soup, miniature bread bowls filled with spinach dip, buffalo chicken dip, veggie pizza, cake batter brownies, cookie pretzel brownies and my contribution, pumpkin strudel.  Two tables fully laden and a seriously wide variety led me to peruse my ‘that looks good’ board for items I can make this week for supper.  I have chosen six would be entrees based on nothing more than I want to eat them. These items will stretch all the way to my vacation and with any luck should make the coming week a little more interesting and hopefully more fun.  Tonight’s offering, straight from the Soup Nazi and the Pioneer Woman and brought to my attention via a co-worker on Facebook – so it is double-dipped out of social media.  Mulligatawny – which I had never heard of a month ago, is definitely one of my new favorites.  We made it tonight from PW’s recipe, found here.  I’m not really sure what I thought it was before I saw the post by the Pioneer Woman, I think something made by Native Americans that had corn in it.  Why?  I actually have no idea.  But honestly, it is amazing.  We used a British Hot Curry Powder by Sharwoods and while I was dubious to include the granny smith apple, it give a perfect hit of tart sweetness against the heat of the curry powder.   A little chicken adds protein and a touch of milk gives some body. We served with a bit of basmati rice for bulk and some oven toasted na’an.   This is fairly easy and a great way to dip your toes in the pool of curry.

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