idaho sunrise

ugh.  I have a terrible cold.  Some long days at work trying to wrap my biggest project of the year combined with lots of change and some personal griefs gave the opening for it to take up residence sometime overnight.  I have a delightful glass of Airborne sitting next to my keyboard. We did however, make pin-dinner last night.  Idaho Sunrises.  Which is what you ask?  Cups made of shredded hash-browns (Idaho) and filled with eggs and cheese (Sunrise.)  The pin linked to a relatively nondescript recipe which said the potatoes should need 15-18 minutes.  One thing I have found with pins and blog recipes is that ‘results may vary.’  My potatoes took no less than 35 minutes to brown – now, that said, I used a silicon pan instead of metal which may or may not have had something to do with it.  We left out the bacon and had breakfast sausages on the side and added some sliced green onions. We also used scrambled eggs instead of medium eggs whole as I don’t think I’ve ever bought a medium size egg.  Large are my go-to.  We will definitely make this again!

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