bang bang-terest

alright.  I know I’ve made bang-bang shrimp before based on stuff I’ve found on the internet but I recently ran across a pin for bang! bang! chicken.  So, I figured it was somewhat different from what I have tried before and also involved frying so I would try it out.  The recipe called for battered and then panko dipped chicken chunks.  The batter was super thick and goopy and had a full tablespoon of hot sauce in it-but it wasn’t spicy.  So, you’d fry them in canola, which I did pretty successfully.  Actually Z said it was the best frying I ever did.  Kudos to me for learning how my stove works and messing up the thermometer and two pairs of tongs.  On top of the chunks you drizzle this mayo and chili based sauce-but it wasn’t spicy either. Super sad about that actually.  Altogether a successful dish that we didn’t really like that much.  The chicken part was pretty good but the sauce could have benefitted from maybe a drizzle of vinegar or lemon juice and a healthy giant squirt of Sriracha.  Here’s the link to the recipe. Pinterest night three.  Check.

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