aunty’s – written in may – never posted

there isn’t a great deal of variety in our local supermarket shopping scene.  Within 20 minutes of our house I think there are only two and both are Publix.  Publix is a local market that promotes from within and the service is excellent.  I always feel funny about being able bodied and the bagger loading my groceries in the car and often decline.  The problem is that there is nothing else near so everyone goes there.  If you stretch the driving time and dollars there are others but this is it so EVERYONE goes there.  We live in a strange part of town that encompasses both the Lake Nona Country Club as well as a decidedly more down home Osceola county line with it’s country roads and citrus groves so the mix of people is astounding and they all converge on one store.  The thing about it is that Publix feels behind the times, like they are too busy to update. They wrap produce in plastic and styrofoam which kills me and the environment.  I can’t choose my own items and have twice as much trash.  They are behind trend on prepared foods offering mostly Southern staples of macaroni and at many varieties of mayonaise based salad pre-packs.   You can forget about whatever new item being flogged on tv or the internet – they will not have it.  I drove 40 minutes with a cooler in the trunk to buy Johnsonville Chicken Sausage.   One thing they do have?  British food.  I have no idea why but the selection of British chocolates is divine and there is no shortage of cans of beans for toast and bottles of HP brown sauce.  Recently I saw that they had added steamed puddings in flavors of Golden Syrup, Spotted Dick and Sticky Toffee by Aunty’s to the lineup.  I couldn’t pass that up and variously brought home all three.  Thirty seconds in the microwave and you will be transported to the cool rainswept byways of the British isles.  They are crazy sweet and Golden Syrup and Sticky Toffee are positively oozing with golden syrup.  Z calls them puddingses and we have to split one lest we be overwhelmed by caramelly sweetness.  The spotted dick is studded with currants and a bit more ginger which lends an exotic note to dessert.


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