bar americain – pizza

Bobby Flay never fails to deliver.  We tweaked a pizza recipe out of Bar American for a caramelized onion, gruyere, garlic oil and bacon pizza by using a Stonefire brand flatbread crust.  The rest of the recipe was fairly involved with cheffy steps so we opted for the flatbread premade for ease of actually eating at a reasonable hour.  I have to say that we really enjoy the two Stonefire products available to us here in central Florida. Onions caramelize for 45 minutes down to a consistently that is almost saucelike and substitute as such for the base of the pizza.  Smothering with gruyere and then sprinkling bacon lardons, garlic chips, and parsley oil over the top creates a great take on home baked pizza.We piled on arugula to round it out as a dinner and ate it all with a knife and fork.IMG_2783  I’ve included a more basic recipe here but if you love great food Bar Americain is full of easy but impressive recipes.

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