steamed buns!

yearly we go up to Shands in Gainesville for Z’s checkup on his liver. This isn’t usually all that dramatic. Going to Shands when it isn’t planned is dramatic in that it would then be an emergency. We had our appointment in late January just a week or two shy of his 4th transplantiversary. Nothing new to report there. What I do have to report is that there is now a restaurant in Gainesville that has steamed buns and oh. my. word. they are divine. It is called Yume Ume and they have great things I like-matte silver-dry rough wood-braised meat and steamed buns. I didn’t know I liked them but now I do. Texturally weird with their smooth exterior and chewy bite stuffed with pickled vegetables, braised meat, panko, and all things umami. You should go there and eat them. Z had some kind of rice and meat bowl with some random vegetables that came with fun chips with seaweed that I helped him eat. A friend from Denver was in town so she tagged along and incidentally bought lunch! Thanks! So, divine food, friend, lunch and a good report from the docs. Who could ask for more I say? But one more thing. Trader Joe’s is open on Archer now. I mean, really. How did I get so lucky?gainesville

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