six hours later . . . dinner

that’s right.  Six hours later we had dinner. a rack of pork ribs cooked until they are falling off the bone into tomato sauce so sultry and thick it feels like a summer night.  Did I just write that?  Seriously.  Meatballs immersed in that same sauce that has been pulled into the pores of the noodles and drizzled with a splash of olive oil.  Heaven for just a moment.  Forget it that at hour four I was like, ‘Grrrr.  I’m throwing this out – it’s so annoying!’  It was listed as one of the most viewed pages on in 2012.  A recipe by Michael Symon-modern American chef.  Most viewed?  Probably rightly so.  Melting hunks of pork ribs, meatballs, parmesan, ricotta.  Anyhow, I didn’t change this recipe, or tweak it or mess around at all.  If you have an afternoon to spend-I say do it.  You won’t be disappointed.IMG_2817

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