because, well, everything we eat isn’t bad for us…

in my 2013 year of refining we are cleaning out the ‘storage’ room also known as the third bedroom.  In the process I have released a few years worth of hoarded UK and Australian food magazines. I have one small pile to go and I am now keeping it on a shelf in the kitchen until such time as I can bear to let them go.  As I flipped through I found a fresh salad recipe that looked perfect for mid-winter.  It is so easy you wouldn’t need a recipe, but I’ll include one below.  I can’t find a link online and it was a pull out card in the magazine courtesy of my favorite euro-chef Jamie Oliver.  Carpaccio of apples with bursts of juicy pomegranate seeds.  I will say I tried out the fantastic whacking on the pomegranate  with a spoon method and I got so many seeds easily-great life hack.  I crunched through far more than made it on to the plate.IMG_2904  Creamy pine nuts are a new favorite.  It was a great weeknight salad – easy and good for you.  Happy days!

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