evoo aside

when Z and I were dating, a whirlwind after actually being friends and youth co-workers for 10+ years, we went out for one New Years Eve dinner.  It was at a great neighborhood place in Denver called Parisi.  Sounds French but is a decidedly Italian trattoria upstairs and fancier dining in the basement.  It being five years ago I can only suppose I had my usual pollo con funghi (chicken with cream and mushrooms) and olive oil roasted potatoes.  Brian had pasta all’Amatriciana, was blown away and returned to Orlando after the holidays.  I suppose on his return he wanted to recreate his wonderful New Years date or that pasta or impress me by deciding to learn to cook it.  I can never be sure.  But we turned to foodnetwork.com and found a fairly easy recipe by Rachael Ray and Z went to Publix and bought Rachael’s recommended own label, EVOO.  Awesome.  Ok…that’s where the story begins.  Rachael Ray.  I have a fair amount of both respect and derision for her.  I hate her slogany cheese.   Yum-O!  EVOO.  Sammys.  But on the other hand she’s taken her interest in food and parlayed it into something much more-an empire.  …..and I get her magazine.  There it is.  I said it.  I got something like five years for $5.  And I usually flip through it and leave it on the table as a donation at work to whosoever would like to read it.  But recently I spied a recipe that beckoned to me.  Sloppy Moussakas.  Something of a bastardization of sloppy joe’s and moussaka.  A tomato rich ground meat concoction with a pinch of cinnamon and the piece de resistance cheesy bechamel but in this case, loaded on a buttered hamburger bun.  I often think Rach’s (can I call her Rach?) recipes call for too many ingredients but I suppose they often combine two separate recipes and look for the best pieces of each.  I think it’s an unnamed hallmark of her cooking style.  It was an easy recipe and it smelled really great.  I added more tomato paste than required and it didn’t suffer for it-probably like 3 tablespoons instead of 2 teaspoons. I also managed to smother both sandwich and french fries with that delicious creamy sauce.  As Rach would say, ‘Delish!’IMG_2917

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