maya grill

on with the adventure eating!  In our continuing efforts to refine and reduce our possessions we spent a Saturday sorting and packing up items we wanted to divest ourselves of.  Around five we decided to reward ourselves with a fun dinner.  We didn’t plan ahead at all and decided it would be nice to get on Disney property so we got online to look around.  I had been wanting to try Maya Grill for a while and when we called for a reservation they could get us in so we headed over.  It is located at the Coronado Springs resort which is a Disney-style riff on Mexico.  The restaurant is dimly lit with some fun faux torches lighting the path into the ‘temple’ of eating.mayagrill  Our server quickly brought us some crazy-fun margarita jello shots as an amuse.  Lucky girl got to eat both hers and his.  They had a tang of tequila and salty lime.  Also quickly arriving was a basket of fresh chips with two salsas-one green and one red.  I liked the red and he liked the green. I ordered shrimp tacos and they were delish!  Crisply battered shrimp with chipotle crema and crunchy slaw.  Z had a humongous slab of salmon on a bed of roasted potatoes and squash.  We finished off the meal with yummy flan.  I don’t know when I went from hating to loving flan.  It’s so creamy and luscious.  It was very solid for Disney food and we enjoyed the flavors and our evening out.

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