while it might feel like every meal we eat is outside of our house, that wouldn’t really be true.  Z has often commented that I should write about the everyday, the failures, the bland and the boring.  I do feel that as a general rule we are eating pretty well, both at home and outside of it.  We cook good food (most of the time) and eat at a fairly high level.  I will also say I’m not above a hot dog or McDonalds because that would be a lie.  All that said, we all love a good grilled cheese sandwich and I have kind of lamented the fact that there isn’t a grilled cheese place here in town.  Ah, but now there is.  Toasted opened recently in the Winter Park (where else) area and sports a menu filled with grilled cheeses of all sorts (except a Wonder bread and Kraft Single) so we stopped in one night for dinner.  It is a cute place with nice cute decor, a swiss-cheesy treatment on the left side wall and a periodic table of cheese on the right wall.  It does make me wonder if the designer who made the periodic table even likes cheese as they spelled Manchego (Manchengo!?) wrong.  I love me some good spelling (and grammar.)  gettoastedI did really enjoy the box graters that they had turned into a light fixture-junk gypsy style.

I ordered the blackberry melt-fontina cheese, applewood smoked bacon, blackberry mash and arugula on some kind of nondescript white bakery loaf.  It was really good with the berries a nice sweet foil against the earthiness of the fontina.  It might be sacrilege to say this but I think I didn’t even need the bacon.  Z had a ‘forever fall’ sandwich with white cheddar, roasted sweet potatoes, and apple chutney on levain bread.   These sandwiches were tasty and imaginative.  I’m not sure I couldn’t do this at home but I probably wouldn’t.  Good old American grilled cheese with a bowl of steamy tomato soup will probably remain the standard with the occasional cheddar and tomato slice standing in the gap.


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