carrot soup

True Story.  I made a super-secret pinboard of food I wanted to eat while Z was out of town.  Yea…hhhh.  I did that and am clearly somewhat embarrassed but it’s out there now and I will live with it. Anyway, I figured I could dream a little dream and make myself dinners that Z would likely not want to eat and have super-amazing super-chic non-boy friendly sandwiches for work brown-bag lunches.

Day 1 – I pulled out all the stops. This is really saying something since I got up at 3 AM for an airport run.  I made myself a sweet little sandwich of a baguette spread in butter and topped with fresh creamy mozzarella and roasted red peppers.  Not too shabby and supremely tasty.  I had bought artichoke hearts to put on it and they were forlornly forgotten in the pantry.  For dinner I cooked up a little pot of beautifully orange carrot soup.  Dense and thick and warmed with the spice of coriander and cumin.  I dolloped on a scoop of greek yogurt thinned with a little olive oil, lemon, and garlic (this recipe eyeballed and minus the cuke).  Oven roasted chickpeas roasted with cumin on top.  Totally amazing and if you like soup I recommend this recipe-kind of vegetarian and fairly healthful.  I even had leftovers to take the following day.  IMG_3160

Day 2 – I ate my leftover soup as I watched flight tracker and the landing of Z’s plane in Bangkok while lunching with some co-workers and Z’s mom and grandparents.  Clearly something existential happened in that moment for me because that landing broke the wheels off my wagon.  For dinner?  Takeout burger from Outback…  I then proceeded to eat comfort foods like eggs and pizza most nights for dinner (with a few notable exceptions.) Oh, that is other than Friday night when I ate bagel chips with cream cheese-for dinner.  So, out of the chic and into the pure comfort of fried eggs and toast.  You know, I think I’ll make him a pot of that carrot soup one of these days.

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