so the backstory is this, Z has a job where the people around him travel all the time, and everywhere.  They go to Africa and southeast Asia most often with some Canada thrown in now and again.  He never really either ‘has’ to go or ‘gets’ to go.  Depending how you look at it.  This time he did.  He was asked to go to Bangkok, Thailand for a marathon software developing session called hackathon.   We consulted with Shands and the transplant clinic first for the ‘all clear’ and when he got that, we moved into an appointment with a travel doc (where Z got a Typhoid shot), a trip to the mall for a few new clothes and a trip down the sample aisle at Target.  All this to say, I was both good and bad with the whole situation.  What I mean by this is, it was hard to send him off for two main reasons.  1.  I wasn’t going.  2.  I wasn’t going.  And by that I mean, I didn’t ‘get’ to go and how can I take care of him if he gets sick and do you know how far it is to Bangkok-it’s a fierce time difference of 13 hours during daylight savings time.  It was easy to send him off for the opportunity of a lifetime.  He would get the chance to flex some work muscles and see what and how other people are doing their jobs.  It would give him a shot in the arm (in more ways than one) of excitement about work and the craft of it all. lastsupper So, as the trip loomed with a 3AM wake up call on Monday we went out to brunch at Cask & Larder on Sunday after church for a final hand-crafted meal.  We feasted.  I, on a gin cocktail with fernet branca, lemon juice, and grapefruit bitters alongside a seven day cured pastrami with cipollini mushrooms, brussels sprouts and a fried egg.  I have this new thing for bitters.  They are so …bitter.  The meat was amazing and the onions-meltingly sweet and tart with some kind of agro-dolce vinegar thing going on.  He, on a blue corn tamale with scrambled eggs, skirt steak and chicharrones.  Delightful way to relax and get ready for his upcoming adventure.

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