khooing over Rachel’s food

during Christmas time I dvr’d the show, Little Paris Kitchen Cooking with Rachel Khoo.  Rachel Khoo is the most delightful British girl living in Paris cooking some semblance of French food with her own twists.  I’m not sure Parisians want things with a twist but they may be more flexible than I’ve been led to believe.  I kind of think in general, thiIMG_3203ngs have been perfected to a certain standard in France and that is how they are expected to be.  But again, she is a gorgeous girl with the cutest accent.  Stew = schtew.  I love that.  She cooks everything in a tiny – microsized really, kitchen.  She has basically two burners and a toaster oven.  She has a tiny little dutch oven and I think only one electrical plug.  I wanted to eat her food so I ordered the cookbook from Amazon.  Ah, marketing.  The first thing I made was an easy little croque madame.  Basic white bread (they have that in France?) is rolled out, buttered and pressed into a muffin pan.  An egg, gruyere studded bechamel and black forest ham are dropped in and the whole mess is baked for 15-20 minutes.  A perfect Saturday morning breakfast with the buttery toast and cheesy sauce elevating my usual egg on an english muffin.  I’m looking forward to future meals in this grand little scale.

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