hash house a go go

hashousea new kind of mini-chain opened in Orlando a week or so ago called Hash House A Go Go. They have outlets in Vegas and California. I’m not 100% sure if the go-go is strictly necessary but it seems to really be part of the name. I guess since maybe hash house conjures other ideas for some of the less savory population. Located on International Drive (I-Drive), it is in the tourist district. We went there for brunch with another couple on a Saturday morning. The menu insists that this is twisted farm food and in that, they are right. There is a lot here that is twisted. We placed our drink orders. A cup of coffee for me and a ridiculous caramel mocha for Z. It was oozing with caramel and chocolate syrup including a puddle in the saucer. I figured ordering hash would be the way to go so I ordered the corned beef. Now, it comes standard with swiss and I asked our server if I could have cheddar. Without saying no, he said no. Kind of a mistake there because I went off the place right then and there. I ordered the basted eggs which was my second mistake. Uncooked whites which oozed down over my hash when I broke into them thoroughly ruined any enjoyment I would have taken in my meal and caused me to really take a look around at what people were eating. The couple that we joined for breakfast had each ordered Andy’s Sage Fried Chicken Benedict w/ maple reduction, 2 eggs, bacon mashed potatoes & a biscuit which came out as an eight inch high tower of food fit for 4. Between the four of us I suppose we had enough food for I’d say 12 people? Obscene. This is really not my favorite type of restaurant. I’d say it’s had enough of my time.


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