absurdly addictive asparagus

well, that’s what food52 said. I don’t know if that was exactly true or not but this recipe is really great and I am already planning to make it again so you decide… A changeup from our usual oven olive oil tossed oven roasted asparagus, this one is pan fried and has lots of simple little add-ins that bring on flavor in a new way. We had this veggie with another pinned recipe for cacio e pepe – which is a pasta dish with exactly 4 ingredients (water, pasta, romano cheese & pepper-soo easy!!!) so I cooked up the veg while Z made the pasta and dinner was served.IMG_3393 I am fairly sure I could eat this asparagus dish on it’s own too for lunch and be a perfectly happy camper. It is filled with good things like pine nuts, prosciutto, leeks. orange and lemon zest. Even if it feels a little absurd – it is awesome!

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