down in lunch lady land

excessive ingredient alert!  This is only an alert.  I was seduced by the cover and heft of a cookbook a year or two ago by Guy Fieri.  You know him, bleached blond spikes on dark roots, bling for miles and host (former?) of Minute to Win It!  He wrote and/or inspired a cookbook called Food, Cookin it, Livin it, Lovin it.  It has spin of fun graffiti style art and lengthy ingredient lists and is kind of bar food that tastes good because it’s fried or has cheese in it.  I have been on a only cooking stuff that is easy kick and somehow I diverted into this.  10 hundred (copyright that!) ingredients and deep frying.  For the love of all that’s holy.IMG_3414   Anyhow, I made Guy’s Sloppy Joe’s with Maui Onion Straws. Spicy-spicy and faintly sweet ground meat simmered down to a thick paste and topped with fried sweet onions.  We used Vidalia’s instead of Maui’s-it being Florida and all.  We used Martin’s potato buns and the recipe fed us 3 or 4 times.  We could have easily halved it but since you are going the distance on measuring and pouring ingrediants you might as well be all in.  I guess all those ingredients melded together in the pan to create something better than the sum of their parts.  Deep frying isn’t really my favorite and to cut down on the process I used a stovetop pot and shallow fried just to ease the mess.  The onions were seriously awesome.  I think that adding fried onions is roughly the same as adding bacon.  Anyway, I have had the song by Adam Sandler in my head for days now and you would be well served to not go watch this link but run to the store and get the ingredients for slop-sloppy joes.

*this is my four hundredth post-who would’ve thought?

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