I usually reserve the majority of my soup eating to the fall and winter because I hate to be hot.  Once the temperatures outside breach 80 degrees I fall back on quicker meals – burgers, salads and things that cook in under an hour.  Somehow this soup sneaked past my internal thermometer and we ate it for dinner a couple of weeks ago.  It is the product of a pin from the blog, eat, live, run and can be found here.  She mentions that it is made better by bacon grease and in general that seems to be the way of things.  I don’t shout bacon from the highest mountain but we do seem to eat it in a variety of different ways.  I think it would also do well with butter if you are not inclined to eating pork.   This chowIMG_3378der is differentiated by roasting poblano peppers (another thing that should be most eaten in the fall when they are fresh from New Mexico) and then cooking down the potatoes. We ate this soup for a few days and it was pretty good if not a bit standard.  I’m not really jonesed for summer and am already glad to have crossed the summer solstice and heading for fall.   I am planning some Southeast Asian soups for this summer that I am looking forward to though-Tom Ka Gai and Malaysian Laksas.  I think their spicy heat will be cooling and right for the dog days of summer.

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