there are obscenities in here.

cheezewizwell, sort of.  I made a burger last night and it was ridiculous bordering on obscene.  Here’s why.  I got an iSi thingie for my birthday.  I’m celebrating my birthday this week in general.  Lots of years I haven’t been all that excited about it.  In fact when I was turning thirty I had negative birthdays for a few years until my sister said it had to stop.  This year I can lean in to tell you that I’m just not that fussed about it.  It’s not a milestone year where I feel like I haven’t achieved something and in that, I’ve achieved everything.  I don’t have to worry about the haves or have nots, the I have it and you don’ts or the don’t you wish yous.  I’m just me and I’m pretty great.  Anyway, Z is a total joy to have buying me loot because he gets so excited about it that he can’t not give me whatever comes in the mail and a few days ago a household sized iSi cream dispenser and charges came to our doorstep.  So, what to do other than pull out Richard Blais’ cookbook, Try This At Home and make a modified cheddar cheese version of this Cheese Wizard to put on sherry braised onion and bacon burgers.  So, basically the long and short of it is I melted cheddar in heavy cream, chilled it and charged it with nitrous oxide into foam which I sprayed on a BURGER.  Obscene.  No one needs that-but it was fun and I’ll probably do it again and add cayenne so it is more like pimiento cheese because that would be awesome.  Happy birthday to me!

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