the poor porker

poorporkerwe were driving on I-4 heading to the beach a month or so ago and I was reading magazines (bliss right?).  I saw that a semi-local place was featured in Food and Wine magazine (May issue.)  It’s called the Poor Porker and while I kind of have a love – hate with their name, I am certainly chuffed too have a hipster beignet and chicory coffee food truck in the Central Florida town of Lakeland.  I immediately tried to find it on my phone to see if we could swing by but we had zoomed down the road before I could find where they might be.  But, a couple weeks ago we were making a quick trip to Sarasota to see my sister before she skipped town/go to the aquarium/see my parents for pre-fathers day that happened to coincide with the Lakeland curbside market so we stopped by for some fresh beignets.   Their cart (because truck isn’t really what it is) is a trailer with a sort of shack cobbled together on top housing a few people pouring coffee, taking orders and rolling out and frying dough.  It has that new old style of industrial reclamation of Coleman coolers, old wood and artfully rusty industrial signage.  The staff/owners are cool cat types with work aprons, tats and artful dustings of flour.  We ordered an iced chicory coffee and two orders of beignets.  One was what I would call the original variety, shaken in a bag of powdered sugary goodness and the other was in a little tray and doused with maple, bacon and a drift of sugar.  They are made to order and HOT.  The dough is really great, soft and pillowy and crisp in all the right ways.  While you might think I’d love the bacon I was really all about the orginal.  They were just so good with that cold coffee.   If you are ever in the neighborhood I would recommend this as a good detour.  You get the small town vibe with a healthy dose of hipster and a darn good treat.  I hope they are around a long time.

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