how we roll

I was sitting at work today and waiting for a meeting to start so I opened up pinterest and saw this awesome cement w.  It was diy though so I am reasonably assured it will never happen, although you never really know.  It did lead me to buy the most awesome marquee Z that is going to get put up in my living room over my sofa from Restoration Hardware.   I actually am really kind of excited about it.  I suppose it isn’t normal living room art.  Right now I have up a vintage mirror that my parents bought from the Eastman family a lot of years ago.  I wanted to paint it and still might but it freaks my mom out.   All this led me to show my blog to someone who was also waiting for the meeting to start and I realized I hadn’t posted a thing for two weeks.  So, here I am sorting through photos and can’t believe I didn’t get this up.  Two shots.  His and hers-respectively, both flavors of the new Haagen-Daz gelato.

His:  Salted Caramel with Bacon on top-ridiculous and as good as it sounds…

Hers:  Lemon with home pickled Grapes (What?)  Yeah, home pickled grapes.  I read about them in two books and online in one week and figured it had to be.  Quickly washed and cold packed grapes covered in a sweetened vinegar studded with cinnamon, black pepper and mustard seeds.  What?  Amazing, sweet, crunchy, sophisticated and complex.  That’s how we roll.icecream

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