fiesta hoy!

fietahoywe went and adventure ate at the Mexican temple to food at Epcot for my birthday.  A few times over the last year or so, we tried to just pit stop in Epcot for dinner and have largely been denied.  For most of the table service restaurants (as in anything over $8.99) you really do need a reservation.  So, for my birthday I booked a table at the San Angel Inn.  It sits inside the pyramid ziggurat temple in Mexico. As you come in from the humidity you are greeted with the perpetual twilight that I romantically (?) associate with both the inside of pyramids (?) and a mid summers eve.  We arrived a few minutes early so rode through the Gran Fiesta Tour with the three caballeros (reads as the tunnel of love while you look for Donald Duck with the drunks who are drinking their way around the Epcot World Showcase.)  Then we jumped into the queue with 100 of our closest friends to announce our arrival.  We were actually seated fairly quickly although not as close to the water as I wished and packed in pretty tight.  Our neighbor kindly offered to snap our photo in the twilight of our pierced tin table lamp.  I ran through the drink menu and chose a blood orange margarita.   Sweet citrus that packed a boozy punch.  They brought our chips and two salsas for snacking.  Our food arrived fairly quickly – a pork tenderloin for him with way too much cilantro for his taste but for me – the most delicious chile relleno stuffed with braised pork and pine nuts.  I don’t know if it was the booze or what but that thing was awesome-far exceeding my expectations.   The sauce was tangy and had a bit of heat and the pine nuts cut through it all with a creamyness that I am really coming to love.  We passed on dessert in favor of a bit of a walk around the world showcase.  By the time we got to France I was feeling like I could handle some dessert so we stopped in to the newly expanded boulangerie et patisserie for some dessert.  A creamy whipped chocolate mousse for me and home to sleep it off!

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