welcome to miami (part one)

littlehavanaI had a little bit of crabbyness on about the fourth of July.  Crabby about things I can’t control and wanting them to either just go away or be dealt with but like I said, they aren’t mine to deal with, today.  So, the result was that Z took me up on my weekly …I want to go on a road trip whine…and took me to Miami for a couple of days.  We realized that it is only three or so hours away and that we could leave after breakfast and get there in time to go to El Rey De Las Fritas.  A Cuban greasy spoon serving up fritas.  Fritas are Cuba’s burger, a frita is  a seasoned ground beef patty (sometimes mixed with chorizo) on a Cuban roll topped with shoestring potatoes…and ours had cheese.  We ordered in faulty spanglish and watched the people come in and sit down-mostly at the counter.  I added on fries and a jugo de melon, the most sugary watermelon juice ever and Z had a batido de mango (mango shake for the uninitiated.)   The frita itself was crunchy and salty.  I liked it ok.  I kind of thought it needed ketchup or hot sauce and I don’t know why I didn’t just put it on there.  I managed to get it on the fries though which were kinda middle of the road.  We tried to order churros but they didn’t have them that day and in the end, we lucked out because we headed over to Versailles which is a famousy mcfamous Cuban restaurant/coffee window/pastry shop that made me think of Spain every minute.  Loads of people enjoying each others company while indulging in croquetas, pastry and coffees.  I ordered a cortado which is a shot of milky espresso with sugar alongside an alfajore which is a creamy delicate light cookie sanwich filled with dulce de leche (milk caramel.)  A.w.e.s.o.m.e.  Seriously, I want one right now.  After lunch we tried to go to find Z a guayabera because they are also awesome but sad for us, the shop we wanted to go to was closed on Saturday.  Maybe next time.

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