Smittenafter so much enjoyment from eating at Dosa-we jumped in a cab and instead of heading for the hotel, we asked the driver to take us to Smitten.  What we found?  A crazy ice cream stand built in a container serving up made to order scoops of ice cream.  The ice cream is made using a unique mixing bowl with a hook attachment and liquid nitrogren.  They use locally sourced high quality ingredients.  The result is smooth and mind blowingly natural and tasty ice creams.  I pretty much never want ice cream-it just isn’t my thing at all.  But I decided, sort of like falling in love, to throw caution to the wind and ordered a mint chip with Tcho chocolate flakes The mint was actually kind of weird.  It actually sort of tasted leafy, but not in a bad way.  And honestly, I could have a fling with that Tcho chocolate sauce on top.  Ridiculous.  Z had Tcho chocolate with spicy caramel sauce.  It was so smooth and filled with flavor.  Plus the surroundings were way more hipster than we’ll ever be.  It was like we dropped out of the city into a neighborhood of designers.  Next door sat a gathering place biergarten serving out of containers and filled with families and friends toasting the end of the week.  It was fenced in the most charming way.  A thing to behold and remember, a reason to be smitten.

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