burger bar

hubertwell, I can say that Hubert Keller wasn’t on my radar until he made macaroni & cheese in a dorm room on Top Chef Masters and used the shower to rinse the noodles.  I don’t really rinse noodles but I guess that’s how he rolls and he won so who am I to judge.  Either way, we were able to walk over to one of his restaurants, Burger Bar, while we were in San Francisco and have a quantifiable gourmet burger. Before I get into that let me tell you about the view.  Six stories above Union Square we sat against the huge glass windows looking out over the public space.  It was enough to give a girl a little vertigo.  After we ordered we sat and watched the people meet and greet each other in the park, sitting on the steps, sitting at the coffee terraces, coming and going.  The view was really amazing and made the few extra dollars tacked on to the burger.  I ordered the Black Jack Burger which had monterey jack cheese and olive tapenade with Angus beef on a ciabatta roll.  I wouldn’t have particularly expected it to be tasty as I couldn’t foresee how the mildness of the cheese could match the strength of the olive spread but it was really delicious with a smear of mayo on the roll and I devoured it!  Z had a peppercorn burger which was crusted with crushed pepper and had a housemade Dijon mustard and creamy peppercorn sauce.  The real stand out though, were the deep fried jalapeno pickles that he upgraded his fries to.  Great spears of spicy pickles deep fried in the lightest crunchy breading.  Seriously, I nabbed way more than my ‘fair share.’  They were so delicious I was inspired to try this at home sometime this week and shamefully bought one bottle of beer at the grocery store.  You know how stupid I felt buying one bottle of beer?  Oh well, it’s all in the name of adventure!  I can’t wait to try.  We made our own spicy habanero pickles so watch for that!

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