dinner #4

‘I’m Julia Child’ echoed out of Z’s laptop as I started to make dinner this afternoon.  Why?  In two words, boeuf bourguignon.  A big meaty fall stew with a whole bottle of red wine would be ours in only three short hours.  Anyway.  I didn’t use Julia’s recipe but rather more or less of Ina Garten’s recipe available here on foodnetwork.com.  My only omission was the tomato paste that we didn’t have.  I’m not sure this was classic as it had bacon in it but it sure tasted good.  I served it over a pile of mashed potatoes and we threw in some garlic bread as the stew reduced and thickened for the last ten minutes and also alongside some home pickled lemony cauliflower.  The acid in the pickled cauliflower brings a bright note to a super hearty dinner.  This isn’t a thirty minute meal by any stretch and we would only do it when we would have the afternoon and evening without any defined plans but it is homey and takes me back a little to cool fall days and falling leaves that I miss here.  Bon appetit!boeuf

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