dinner #5

right.  Karin wanted to know what I do while I make dinner.   I don’t think I have an absolute answer for that as weeknights and Sundays couldn’t be further apart.  Last night during the stewing part of the bourguignon I variously mowed the lawn & showered, cleaned the kitchen, started to think about how to decorate my supercute new kitchen island/bar/table thingy and got some downtime.  She was disappointed there was not a gin & tonic in that picture.  Can’t win ’em all. Tonight while I made burgers it was pretty much moving from one thing to the next to get it done.  I did manage to make a delicious gimlet while I cooked and it looked funny alongside my cuted up tray of dinner and giant glass of water.  I am pretty much the luckiest girl ever because right this minute Z is doing the dishes.  Anyway, tonight’s offering was pimiento cheese burgers with mini tator tots.  pimientoCan I tell you how I feel about pimiento cheese-there aren’t words.

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