dinner #7

I can’t believe I’ve never blogged about quiche.  I searched and can’t find anything.  That’s so weird.  Real men eat quiche.  Another thing I never really ate before I got married.  I really don’t remember my mom ever making quiche.  Or eating it either.  I wonder why.  Anyhow, at some point not that long after we got married Z was like, let’s have quiche.  Do you know what a pain in the neck it is to make?  Pre-cook bacon, onions and par-bake a pre-bought (I’m real.) pie crust.  Fill it up and bake it some more.  Meanwhile, you could have scrambled some eggs and grated some cheese on top.  Anyhow, that’s what we are having for dinner tonight.  Quiche with bacon and onions and cheese.  I loosely follow this recipe subbing in one onions for the leeks or shallots or whatever.  It’s a good recipe.    And some sauteed home fries on the side.  I’m actually pre-writing this while it cooks.  Z already did the dishes.  realmeneatquiche***awesome side note post dinner.  I opened the oven to find that at some point during cooking I HAD TURNED IT OFF.  Needless to say, fifteen extra minutes at 400 degrees so we could eat before o’darkhundred!  The ugly pile next to it are some home fries-which actually turned out to be quite tasty if not slightly well done.

One thought on “dinner #7

  1. steph

    i remember we had quiche in the freezer in the garage. at least once. i desperately wanted to try it, and quickly realized after mom made me some that i did not like it.


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