dinner #6

WTF*#!  I have come upon my food nemesis!  My NEMESIS.  We made dinner and as evidenced by the picture below KNEW (I KNEW!!!) I couldn’t eat it.  I’m so mad.  I spend more money than I want to tell you about on ‘tasty salted pig parts’ so I could surprise Z with meat for his birthday and when we opened them up they had a delightful sheen of mold (we looked it up, harmless penicillin type THEY SAY…) and I couldn’t – could NOT make myself eat it.  How can I call myself a food adventurer.  I have eaten so much that is bizarre and I couldn’t eat this and I wanted to.  Can you understand my frustration???!!!  Purchased from Boccalone in San Francisco and shipped straight to the house.  I respect the chef, Chris Cosentino.  For crying out loud, he is a Top Chef Master.  He knows what he is doing.  So, I diced it up and Z put it on half of a caramelized onion and gruyere pizza.  Served alongside a pile of greens with caper vinaigrette.  Dinner was great and I am sad.  If Chris Cosentino served me this meat, I’d try.  If he said, this meat is OK – I am sure I would try.  But left to my own devices?  No.  What would you do?tastysaltedpigparts

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