dinner #9

I must’ve gotten a reasonable nights sleep because I was going over the day today over dinner and I was no joke today.  Git ‘er done.  Is there any proper English for ‘git’?    I doubt it. I made chicken souvlaki and tzatziki and served it with greens and na’an.  This is definitely one of my favorite dinners and it is so easy.  I made it and posted about it for the first time way back in March of 2011.  It is out of the Epcot Food & Wine Cookbook and although I don’t follow their recipe exactly I still really like it.  I noticed they didn’t have it at this year’s Food and Wine Festival which I don’t think I’ve blogged about yet.  We are going to see/eat the Voltaggio brothers cook on October 25th so I’ll wait for that event.souvlaki

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