dinner #10

we went to the Magic Kingdom yesterday with 40 or 50 thousand other people.  I have no idea why it was so packed.  I’ve seen tweets that Epcot was similarly sardined out.  I had tried to get a dinner reservation for a table service restaurant and couldn’t so we took our chances and walked into quick services places for ‘eats.’  We have found sit down to be worth the money for the break from the crowds and elevated food.  As it was I had a pretty good spicy chicken waffle sandwich for lunch.  A $7.19 I would recommend it.  It is probably the best quick service item I’ve had at packedtoberfestMagic Kingdom.  For value and taste it is good.  They make the waffle fresh and dunk a crispy chicken slab in a sweetly spicy syrup and serve with a bit of julienned vegetables (carrot and cabbage) and arugula.  It is served at Sleepy Hollow and there is always shady seating behind even on the busiest day.  I got this one for free because they had made an extra and I walked up just at the right moment.  I thought it was their sample and passed but they said no, it was just going to get thrown out, so I took it.  Along with a free cup of ice-water I was a happy camper.  For dinner though, I wasn’t so pleased.  We went to Columbia Harbor House and had to stand in the queue for about 15 minutes just to order.  As it was already around 7:30 or so this is pretty unheard of.  I ordered the fish and chips.  At $7.99 it’s pretty reasonable but honestly, it wasn’t that fresh and was pretty skimpy portion-wise.  Not as good as even getting a hot dog to me at Disney.   I asked one of the staff where to get tartar and she was woefully uninformed.  No management presence either.  It was a little bit of a low for Disney eating for me.  Z got the chicken and fries- average I guess as he didn’t really comment.  Our friend Karin got the salmon.  At $10 or so, this is definitely a better option.  It came with couscous and steamed brocoli.  I would do this next time if it came up.  As we made our way out of the park I picked up a richly chocolate cake pop at the Main Street Confectionery so at least left on a sweet note.

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