dinner #13

I have a head cold sort of thing going on and the idea of making dinner did not appeal in the slightest.  So, because I can’t remember the last time I bought/made chicken soup I opened up a box of Trader Joe’s Roasted Red Pepper Tomato soup and made grilled cheese sandwiches.  Dinner in five.  I make grilled cheese this way.  Slice up cheddar.  Throw some butter in a skillet.  Place bread on butter and lay on the cheese.  Top with second slice and heat until golden and crispy flipping mid-way adding more butter so other side is crispy too before you flip.  Do you butter the bread or butter the pan?tomatosoupgrilledcheese

5 thoughts on “dinner #13

  1. Anna Stewart

    I butter the bread. 🙂 I’ve gotta say, I’m loving all your meal posts. I’ve been kind of a stalker so far, but I had to chime in about the butter. Haha. Also, I’ve been meaning to ask about a previous post – did you make your own naan the other day? It looked amazing. I can’t seem to nail down the perfect naan recipe.


    • kathy

      Thanks Anna. I actually buy it. It is made by Stonefire – I dash it under water in the sink, shake it off and throw it right on a 425 rack in the oven. 2-3 minutes per side and it’s perfect. I’ve bought it at the International market too. I would try to bake some but haven’t really mastered/tried the baking thing.


      • Anna Stewart

        Super! Thanks! I’ve found some great store-made ones here and there, too, and I’ll keep plugging away at my recipes since there are so many of us here at home to feed. (6 people + endless hunger for naan = $$$$$ hahaha!) Have a lovely evening. Hope you feel better soon!


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