dinner #15

still sick.  Sick enough that I kept myself home from work today in hopes of shortening the length of this thing.  I laid around on the sofa with my cat and watched Pawn Stars.  True confession.  It’s kind of interesting the stuff that comes into that store.  I think I got an enduring love of history from my dad and I like to see the odds and ends that people bring in thinking they are going to sell it to the guys at top retail dollar.   I can’t imagine they are all that clueless. Z called after I had started dinner and heroically offered to bring home takeout.  I was in the throes of roasting butternut squash so he brought me two things-crab cheese wontons and a pecan pie.  Hurrah for that!  I made a fall risotto for dinner (meat free Monday on Thursday).  It was filled with sauteed mushrooms and topped with roasted butternut squash.  A healthy sprinkle & swirl of Parmesan cheese.risotto

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