dinner #19

two recipes that probably shouldn’t be cooked for dinner in the same night-both with heavy hits of acid to either cut through richness or enhance natural sugars.  It turned out to be an interesting thing to cook these two dishes together and eat them side by side.  First, the chicken.  I actually used a fish piccata recipe that I have often made by Melissa d’Arabian of the Food Network.  It’s a simple recipe and I just subbed in pounded chicken fillets in place of the tilapia.  The acid in this dish is lemon juice, quite a lot of it, alongside capers which are also brined.  Everything becomes super savory with the addition of white wine and a knob of butter.  For the side we had sort of agro-dolce Brussels sprouts.  My friend Karin made some the other day and it made be want to eat some!  She variously roasts them or uses them for an ice pack for her dog.  She calls them veggie candy and in one of my favorite oldie but goodie recipes from Martha Stewart the sweetness of fresh brussels is enhanced with sauteed red onions and balsamic vinegar.  If you leave them in and let them crispt a bit they are just phenomenal.  I sort of combine step 2 and 3 so that everything gets crispy and melds together plus you don’t mess up an extra bowl.  If you think you don’t like sprouts, try this recipe.  It will change your mind.acid

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