dinner #20

I can’t handle it.  I was thinking about something to write and could only think of writing from the perspective of my cat.  While he is a super smarty pants (takes after Z) and loves his dairy (mainly butter and cheese) he also is a very poor typist so all you get is me.  He is yowling in protest at my feet and just actually bit me on my kneecap.  I came home a bit late after running some errands tonight and more or less the last thing I really wanted to do was make dinner.  I did it anyhow.  We had cauliflower & gruyere soup and french dinner rolls.  It’s supposed to be creamy cauliflower & gruyere soup but I forgot to swirl in the cream at the end.  I also ran short of gruyere and supplemented that with white cheddar.  We ate it anyway and lived to tell the tale.  I even made a batch of rice crispy treats while it bubbled away on the stove.notsocreamy

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