dinner #30

should technically be done with this #31days exercise.  But alas and alack-I’ve now consumed the 31st meal and am just sitting down to write 30.  Can’t do it all and can’t worry about it either.  I used to get fairly worked up about being ‘behind’ on the blog.  Behind in whose eyes?  Only mine and when I get to that point I realize, hey-I’m just where I am.  Not behind or beholden. A blogging friend also wrote about the same idea here.  Everything on here was originally just for me-to see if I could/would do it.  #31days has been an exercise in roughly that same thing.  Is anyone interested in seeing what we consume?  Are there any recipes I should share with the world?  So, on to dinner.  Last night we took what was probably one last stroll through 2013 Epcot Food & Wine Festival.  It was a mediumly less hot evening and it was nice to go along without the beating sun.  I think the food actually benefits from not being in the searing sunlight too.  I tried a few last dishes that I hadn’t had on earlier visits this year including a really nice trout dish.  Pan roasted trout (skin on) with minus 8 maple syrup vinaigrette with frisee.  The fish was really moist (yeah, I said moist).  We tried a lot of other tasty morsels throughout the night as well.  Noteably for the price were two Dole pineapple fritters-super hot slices of pineapple fried and dusted with powdered sugar for only $2.  We also tried the ‘Apf Struooodel’ (Apple studel to you laymen) which was covered in Werthers caramel.  Ah, caramel.  We have a weakness for it.  I bought a fun Christmas ornament in Germany-a fun brat with mustard on a bun.  Sounds lame but is super fun-blown glass vintage looking awesomeness.  My boss said the other day, at least you have a theme… (food she meant) and it’s true-we manage to stick to it most of the time.  Our whole tree isn’t covered in food or anything but there are a few fruits and assorted meat products. trout

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