dinner #29 -lunch style

soooo yeah.  Long story short, a week or so ago my mom called and asked if they could come over for dinner on she said, ‘Thursday’ as they were going to be picking up my aunt & uncle from the airport right around the dinner hour after their flight.  When I arrived home after work they were already at our house so I hustled in to make dinner.  I had done a little prep the night before, making brownies and boiling some eggs for my …not yet famous… pimiento cheese devilled eggs.  They should be famous.  I whipped out muffaletta sandwiches on fresh focaccia (so, kind of my-style) devilled eggs and some baked fries.  My family all dashed out the door by seven for the next leg of their trip and we sat down to watch tv and wait for trick or treaters.  Around 8:30 I realized, no blog and honestly it didn’t hurt my feelings not to blog.  I brought some props and leftovers and took a picture during lunch-so this is a lunch-style blog.  heymuffaletta

3 thoughts on “dinner #29 -lunch style

  1. Col

    The dinner was super! Everything! We’re having muffaletta sandwiches and your famous deviled eggs this weekend! Thanks to you both! Hope you had a few trick-or-treaters.


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