silent night

I guess after blogging every day for a month straight I just fell off the wagon.  I’ve thought about blogging in the last month and have had some adventures (good ones!) and opened up my trusty wordpress account but published nothing.  Now we are hurtling headlong into Christmas.  The gifts are bought (mostly) and the stockings hung (green velvet on a hook over the closet door since a fireplace would be folly in Orlando.)  No tree though.  I have a closet full of trees (8? 9?) and ornaments and haven’t managed to do it.   I did put up a tree or three at work but haven’t done it at home.  Kind of sad really.  I have been missing cool weather this year.  It was 80 degrees plus yesterday.  I miss my sister too. I can likely plan my way out of that with a trip for later in the winter.   It has been a season of terrible news.  Does it come in threes?  Quite a few people in and about my life have been struck down over the last year.  Yesterday was filled to the brim at work with an office parade of lights and with joy from Santa’s Marketing Department.  Everyone should work with a team like this and it is a privilege.  Last night Z and I wrapped carefully chosen gifts that will fly to Colorado today while the sun shines.  Yesterday I billed a project started 9 months ago for the 2014 Wycliffe Calendar.  (If you like beautiful global images and amazingly matched Scripture you should order one-they are stunning and they support the work of Bible translation worldwide!) I feel like somewhere yesterday I turned a corner and got my cheer back.  I was waiting for it.


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