I don’t really use the word epic other than in a judging way.  But the truth will come out.  I love to make epic meals.   Here is a way way late image of our Thanksgiving meal.  It was truly epic.  You will notice the lack of turkey, stuffing or gravy.  Maybe next year.epicClock wise from bottom left

1.  Pimiento Cheese Devilled Eggs

2.  Bacon-wrapped cream cheese stuffed jalapenos

3.  My mom’s awesome macaroni salad

4.  Brisket baked Beans (4Rivers)

5.  My Grandma James Recipe Twice Baked Potatoes

6.  John Rivers Recipe Sweet Potato Casserole

7.  Brisket with Hot 4Rivers BBQ sauce

We happily ate leftovers for a week.  Would I do it again?  HeckyesIwould.


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