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52cookbooksgoals.  It seems like every blog I read or come across lately has been touting the same thing –  #oneword – to the extent that Z has made up his own one word that is somewhat less than shall we say, holy.  I thought a lot about one word coming into the last week of the year and there wasn’t really any one thing that just resonated with me.  Nothing that insinuated it’s way into my head and could be something that would stick for the entire year and be a filter with which I can put everything I do.   Either that makes me a jerk or just honest with myself. I have taken time over the holidays to update the look of my blog with a responsive magazine style theme, a winter header, and a few other tweaks and I have a few more things up my sleeve for that too as time goes on.  My outlook for 2014 is fresh.  I am hoping to be more present and continue my word from last year which was refine.  I think that word has happened and but it wasn’t necessarily intentional.

Alongside these personal goals I have had some good ideas for the blog too.  I have a pretty extensive bookcase of cookbooks, a lot of which have only been ogled and read but not taste tested.  So, I am going to cook from 52 cook books this year and see where it takes us.  Hopefully we can enlarge our borders.

fillmeupI’m also going to pickle or preserve an item a month – hopefully with something in season and hopefully some new recipes.  As usual, just small batches that do not stress me out.  A fleeting few jars of something delicious to both hoard and share.  Pickles, preserves and marmalades and jams. That should be both fun and delicious.

Less strictly kitcheny but things I am excited about?  Potential for travel, seeing new countries, places and people and also continuing to work on our cute house and maybe publishing some home tours here.  2014 is here!  Life is an adventure.


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