100 montaditos

montaditossometime over Christmas we went to see new Hobbit movie, The Desolation of Smaug.  I liked it ok although the departure from the actual original story by JRR Tolkien was …vast.  But, we saw it in Imax 3D (most spendiest tickets EVER and thankfully we had some old gift passes which saved us about $23 on the tickets!)  and we really enjoyed it.  On the way out of the theater we sidelined out of the theater to grab a coke for Z to take his pills and saw a new restaurant called 100 Montaditos.  Actually, they kind of had a challenging logo and I didn’t know if it was SOO or 100 or what.  Upon googling it I realized it was a new Spanish fast food chain in Orlando but borne in Spain.  A franchise with locations mostly in Spain but quickly breaching into the US in Miami and other random locations north in New York and West in Iowa (?).  I planted it on our Let’s Go! list and a friend at work saw it and said, ‘Hey, let’s go to the movies and lunch on Saturday-I really want to try that place.’ That sidebar is clearly working for me!  So,  we got up and saw Saving Mr. Banks and hit 100 Montaditos for lunch with him and another friend.  Two movies in a week is a record for us-never happens.  And a  full confession:  I haven’t seen Mary Poppins but I liked Saving Mr. Banks.  What a great heart twisting story!  After the movie we walked in and picked up menus.  It could probably be overwhelming as there are 100 (as suggested in the name) options for montaditos.  Montaditos are mini bocadillos which are one of my very favorite Spanish foods.  Pan (Spanish bread) is split and stuffed with different tasty fillings.  We each put in our order for montaditos and drinks and sat to wait.  I had a classic Sangria which I watched them pour out of a bottle – I’d buy that if I ever saw it at the bottle shop.  It had a big orange slice and was served over ice.  At $3 it was worth it  The montaditos themselves range from $1 to $3.  They fairly quickly came out.  I think it’s worth saying here that each sandwich is about 4 inches long.  I think that people say to order 5 but I don’t see how anyone could really eat five.  Maybe they could but the charm of it is I think if you really wanted more that you could order more.  They are also served with a heap of potato chips on the plate so that is worth knowing.  I ordered 4 with a side of papas bravas-fried potato wedges with two sauces, ali oli (garlic mayo) and brava (spicy red) sauce.  They were hot and I liked them in the way I like most things made from potatoes.  For my montaditos I had chorizo, tortilla, tortilla ali oli and Manchego cheese with bacon.  Spanish Tortilla is basically omelet with potato and is my favorite bocadillo in general.  I liked the one that had the addition of the garlic mayo too.  I’d order that one again for sure.  All four of my sandwiches were sold at $1 each- you can’t really beat that.  Z also added a huge meat platter which could be a lunch unto it’s own – filled with chorizo, Serrano Ham, Manchego cheese and a loaf of pan and arugula.  I tried a few of the meats on their own and they were all your standard Spanish cured meats and cheeses-tasty and salty.  I really enjoyed 100 Montaditos as a lunch or tapas option.  It sure reminded me of Spain and time I have spent there.  I am sure we will be going back.

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