Harry & Larry’s

pigrideOur friend Karin has had a rough couple of weeks.  You can see more about why on her blog.  I urge you to go there actually and be either entertained or inspired or just engaged. She’s en route to Manila for work  now.  Z couldn’t go because the doctors didn’t think it would work for his health.  He’s been kinda sick at home so I can’t imagine how he would’ve done but it tends to all work out one way or the other.

So, back to this.  On Friday night Karin & I had been texting back and forth with what we could do and Z suggested Harry & Larry’s BBQ whose deep fried pickles Karin has been praising for months.   Not their BBQ, but their pickles.  Alright, a 40 minute drive later to what must be the other end of the state we hit Winter Garden.  It’s kind of more old town central Florida.  A walking community where people have lived there a while and are happy with their comfortable community.  Harry & Larry’s is a tiny windowed storefront with a deep hallway of bright red booths.  It looks kinda old but has only been around for five or so years  While we were perusing the menu board outside I asked someone sitting outside with a big baskety pile of dinner what he was having, ‘Man Salad’ he said.  So, I happily ordered that only slightly less ‘Manly’.  A big old basket of fries (instead of lettuce) usually covered in beans (I skipped those) and then smothered in cheese and brisket just waiting to be sauced up by one of the three options, sweet, hot or XXX.  I had the hot and had to switch to the sweet which isn’t my usual but I liked it a lot.  Z had the XXX on his pulled pork sandwich and I really can’t imagine how that felt going down.  A man salad.  Awesome.  It was fun to eat.  No way I could finish.  The meat was alright.  I’m not ashamed to say i probably like 4Rivers better but the pickles.  Karin’s right about them. They are so great.  Dill pickle rounds dipped in some kind of cornmeally breading and deep fried served with some pinkish sort of sauce thing.  They were so good.  I was sharing or could have easily forked my way through there.  It’s a fun local place filled with friendly staff and the prices are very fair.  We shut the place down talking -although Winter Garden pulls in the sidewalks pretty early.   You should go,  even if just for the pickles and conversation.harrylarry

**Oh, btw, that pig ride up at the top sits outside.  I think it should be painted like a boar as it has tusks and looks fierce.

One thought on “Harry & Larry’s

  1. rnlicht

    Not fair! I’m also sitting in Manila and now you’ve gotten my mouth watering for fried pickles that are 9,000+ miles away. I am taking my sweetie there as soon as I get back.


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