Cherry Bomb!

fillmeupA couple weeks ago I made Brunswick Stew.  When I was grocery shopping for the ingredients I ended up all over town and then actually buying everything at the grocery store 3 minutes from my house.  Such is life.  In my travels across town I stopped in to Whole Foods to find some specific brisket.  I didn’t walk out with any brisket but I did walk out with the following…

  • Bottled of cold brewed espresso mixed with Almond Milk – totally enjoyed that over multiple days
  • Best yogurt I’ve ever tasted – Noosa – Made in Colorado with Australian probiotics (sounds like the hippies won that one)
  • Most interesting yogurt I’ve ever tasted (and not interesting bad, Skyr Icelandic yogurt flavored with mango & jalapeno)
  • Cherry Bomb Peppers

So, outside of having a million other cooking projects I managed to pickle three pints of cherry bombs.  Pickling peppers is probably the easiest canning that I have done.  If you like jalapenos and want to try your hand at preserving I would actually really recommend it.    It’s about the easiest thing and the super spicy chopped peppers will be great on pizzas and in Italian cold meat sandwiches (like Muffalettas.)  This recipe is from Food in Jars website and if you have a mind to start canning it is a great place to start.cherrybomb

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