bread and butters

fillmeupIn my ongoing love affair with all things Southern, I made three jars of Hugh Acheson’s recipe for Bread and Butter pickles.  He has a chapter in ‘A New Turn In The South‘ called ‘Pickles, Put-Ups and Pantry Items.’  Honestly, I’m kind of obsessed.  I want to make ALL THE THINGS!  He doesn’t even give great direction for canning them.  He just writes these interesting little recipes for pickling and ends each with, ‘follow your jar manufacturer’s directives for canning.’   So, I looked in other books and made my best guess–ten minutes in a hot water bath should do it.  So, a year or two ago I would NEVER have dared to guess how long to process jars.  I would have been sweating at the mere thought of combining two recipes.  I must be getting better at this canning lark.  Three beautiful blue Ball jars later and  I have three pints of Bread & Butters with a fun addition that is celery leaves.  I can’t wait to whip up some southern delight like cheddar waffles with fried chicken so I can use them for a garnish or maybe just on hotdogs.  Can’t wait!  Oh wait, I still quake a little at the mere thought of making fried chicken.  Hot dogs it is.thosepickles***tasting note.  So, we opened up a jar of these crazy things.  They don’t taste like anything I can put my finger on.  Definitely very cheffy.  A little bread and butter.  A like tart.  A little je ne sais quoi.  They are very layered in their flavor and seem to have more flavors than I added in.  Also I found out Hugh Acheson just published a small book on canning.  If, I was that girl I’d say squee.  Good thing I’m not.

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