52cookbooksYOLO is what Z kept calling this burger.  I suppose because of two things.

1.  The burger is called the Lola, after Mike Symon’s eponymous restaurant in Ohio and he kept thinking YOLO instead of Lola.

2.  Because it annoyed me and it gives him joy when I ‘fight’ back.

Either way, this burger could totally be YOLO or Lola because of the sheer amount of stuff on there.  Crazytown city.  It is bunned up on an English muffin.  If you haven’t used an English muffin in place of a hamburger bun-you should!  It was the suggested thing on here and I thought it was a nice change.  I put on a bit of butter and toasted them in the oven.  The burger is so loaded with stuff that it needed the sturdy bun to even attempt at being eaten.  In looking into this restaurant I see he now has taken the burger and moved it to his new burger joint, B-Spot.  Lola has gone upscale from what he says in the cookbook, Mike Symon’s Live To Cook.  He actually has done a couple of cookbooks after this one that I don’t have and am not so interested in but I do really like this one.  I’ve cooked a number of things from it’s pages including pan roasted ricotta gnocchi and his spicy Sriracha Tomato soup.  The recipes are easy to follow and I’d call them All-American in their mix of flavors and ingredients.  This is stuff made of the melting pot that is the midwest.  I’d like to east at his restaurants but haven’t, as a rule, made Cleveland or Detroit a destination.  But, if I had a reason to go, I’d check them out.yolo

Back to the burger, it is topped with spicy ketchup, cheddar, bacon, pickled onion, dill pickle and a fried egg.  You do only live once to eat that kind of mess.  It was stacked up to tipping and made me nervous as I plated it all up and got dinner on the table.  It tasted good-hitting all the burger notes.  Fatty. Spicy. Savory. Delicious.  YOLO!


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