onwards and upwards

wow. When I sat down and agonized figuring out blogger all while wondering if I would fizzle out or actually get better I wasn’t sure I could find my true voice, and if I could, how I would share it and what it would look like. I now think about how far I have come and how I have grown into it and become more fearless and more intrigued by what could be.
The usual New Year’s practice of many is to make resolutions. I don’t really do that but have been thinking about new things and fresh starts. I didn’t make 1/1 but 2/1 and that’s ok because the date holds the significance of Z’s transplant which is about as new start as it gets.

  • I want to work on the blogs beauty…kind of like urbanpantry 2.0. I whiled away my morning figuring out making a new header for the web in Illustrator and tweaking the html code to correctly size it. I want to work towards some new artwork and refinement and better pictures.
  • I have a new series already running through my head to take the place of the burgers called alphabet soup. I have been thinking my way from A-Z and am looking forward to blogging about it.
  • I have a new fascination with pickling and making jams and chutneys that I want to dig into.
  • I am looking forward to an upcoming adventure traveling to Chicago and Michigan that will be an adventure in American cuisine and Brian’s family and am hoping to plan some southern short trips to Atlanta, Charlotte and Savannah and Miami to further investigate southern and Cuban food. Expanding my range, as it were.

It is a good start.

One thought on “onwards and upwards

  1. jennifer in TO

    >btw – i have the most fabulous 'onion jam' recipe, it's so easy and fantastic on meatloaf/burgers/sandwiches etc. you basically caramelize onions and cook them with red wine vinegar and pomegranate juice and a couple of other things. happy to send…


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