patty melt

today ends an officially ‘good’ day. Z was in the hospital for an, up to this point, unexplained fever of 103.4. But, he is home now and not a moment too soon. Yesterday was the anniversary of his liver transplant and all is more or less well. There will always be things to contend with, like this fever, but I think we both learn a little something each time.
While he was in the hospital I subsisted on eggs and food from the Cafe at work. I didn’t really feel like making dinner tonight but goodwill for Z prevailed and I got up the energy to pull off the next to last burger of our book challenge.
The patty melt is based on that all-American favorite but with the twist of Bobby Flay and my own twist of turkey.
Buttered and pan toasted rye with melty Swiss cheese and an unctuous reduction of red onions, red wine, red wine vinegar, honey and thyme – red onion relish. We served it up with some bread and butter pickle slices and a serving of crunchy jalapeno onions by Alexia.
We enjoyed it but felt it could have used Bobby’s prescribed pickled jalapeno that I didn’t have time to put up – just for that extra kick.
The best thing about this evening is having dinner together at home.

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