fantastick fåfänga

clearly swedish for vanity. I have been putting in a few extra hours and time outside of the office keeping up with work (new job = new challenge!) Z has been sick for a couple of days and was feeling up to dinner out so we went to harmoni for supper where I had a sirloin panini with a glass of gougenheim malbec and z had truffled mac and cheese with cream soda. Almost like eating at home but someone else washing the dishes.
Then we stopped at Ikea within ten minutes of closing, which I don’t recommend as the entire store unloads their entire carts of purchases at the register. If you are familiar with Ikea they send you through the store on a specific track to get your eye on maximum product but I wanted to pick up some new napkins. Ridiculous, I know. I am not a fan of cloth because of the ironing factor. If you read this blog much you see lots of white plates and paper napkin pops of color. Basically, to get my cute on, I go with Ikea paper. We hit every shortcut and down the stairs into the marketplace where we stocked up on new spring napkins. A small bit of everyday vanity to help in making home the best place to be.

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